A mastery of technology and design

For over 10 years we have broadened the set of mastered technologies to embrace projects of increasing variety, should they be websites, applications or even software. From design to production, we are here to guide you to success and performance.

Tailor-made design Esthetics meets function

Thanks to our Creative Director and Designer, we create state-of-the-art interfaces and tailor-made design assets. Branding, communication, print, user experience... most creative endeavours are skillfuly brought to life so your means of communication make you stand out, with seriousness and impact.

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React Native Multi-platform applications

Developed by Facebook, React Native combines the best of native development and of React. Multi-platform, it allows us to create performant native applications using one code base for Android, Windows, MacOS, iOS and even the web. It's the team's choice these days for creating modern and professionnal applications.

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Ionic Mobile applications

Since 2013 Ionic has been the tool to generate iOS et Android mobile applications from a website developed with Angular, React or VueJS. It's the developper's go-to solution to bring applications to life with a reduced budget (it should be noted that native performances can't be expected). For all time-to-market sensitive projects, Ionic is particularly appreciated for it's quick and easy set-up.

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React Speed et modernity

Javascript library engineered at Facebook in 2013, it's the most adopted solution by developers to date. We use it whenever we can, given the freedom and development creativity it allows -- qualities seldom found in the code world.

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Angular Stability et versatility

The first popular javascript framework developed by Google in 2010, it is the backbone to a large number of projects at 2pulse. A preferred choice for large scale projects given it's stricter development framing. More stability and easier maintainability make them stand the test of time.

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Node JS The javascript platform

Best-in-class execution platform, NodeJS has the unique advantage of unifying Front (Angular, React..) and Back (API's) with a single language. Since it's inception in 2009, it is used by large companies such as Netflik, IBM, Microsoft, Tickeat... We use it in conjunction with frameworks like NestJS or MeteorJS to accelerate the development of our solutions.

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Laravel The PHP framework

First love for 2pulse, Laravel is a framework we have been using for over 10 years. From API conception to our in-house CMS, it is a versatile and performant tool. The community behing the technology and incredible documentation makes Laravel a framework for the many.

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Docker Everywhere, all the time

Docker is the technology allowing us to encapsulate our project in a stable and controlled environment for it's entire life-cycle (from development to production without excluding testing and pre-production). Kubernetes is a complementary tool we use for orchestrating deployment and scaling of any project.

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